Certified in Long-Term Care


Dawn has successfully completed the Certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC®) designation program.

CLTC stands for "Certified in Long-Term Care," a designation granted by the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification. CLTC® graduates have completed a rigorous multidisciplinary course that focuses on the profession of long-term care. The program is recognized by state regulators, through the granting of continuing education credits, as having provided essential information necessary to the appropriate sale of long-term care insurance. Long-term care is a profession that interacts with other professions such as law, financial planning, taxes, home care, and social services. As such, individuals who make a career commitment also make a lifelong commitment to education.

Dawn has seen firsthand the emotional and financial toll that providing care for a loved one takes on families. Dawn feels that it is essential that advisors educate their clients about the consequences failure to have a plan for long-term care could have on those they love. Few families understand the economic impact paying for care over a period of years can have. Dawn feels that retirement portfolios are allocated to provide income to support your lifestyle and keep promises to your family and community after your retirement. Paying for care likely means that the retirement income will have to be reallocated to pay for that care. It is unlikely that the income from your portfolio would be sufficient to pay for both the care of a loved one and your lifestyle at the same time. Dawn is committed to providing the information needed to create the right plan for their long-term care.

The CLTC® program was created to provide financial service professionals with the tools needed to help their clients discuss and create a plan for long-term care. To learn more about the CLTC® designation please go to www.ltc-cltc.com.